Feedback from sellers

  • "For a long time already, I was debating between a BMW E39 M5 and an E46 M3. Of course they are different cars, but in my view both from the absolute top days of BMW without major electronics, atmospheric engines, technically fantastic and with clean body and interior design. Only: also with worries about engine problems, track history (especially with the M3) and the chance of a vague history. After all, not every country has the opportunity to give you some insight into the past, so it was patient seeing what beautiful things came along. I had been following The Collectables for a while and saw a facelift Carbon Black E39 M5 being announced with a clear story, low mileage and a clear history. Beautifully photographed by Noortje Blokland, but the driving was of course the most important. I took a test-drive with the owner to get a feel for the car. The seller had a clear story. He had owned the car for quite some time and had it perfectly maintained. All that made me quite greedy! And before you know it, you press "Bid" on a Friday evening and you suddenly have bought a very beautiful car. So it became an M5. Then came the actual handover with the seller, a fellow BMW-lover, who was very pleasant, ver organized with all papers and maintenance history as promised and with the necessary explanation. The car is now at a professional garage until fun driving abroad is possible again. I'm looking forward to it and wish everyone who buys their automotive dream through The Collectables a similarly great purchase." - Gerard.
  • "A platform from, for and (very pleasant) by car enthusiasts. I sold my BMW E86 Z4 Coupe through The Collectables and I really liked this. The intake was easy and personal and the guidance during the process was direct (via WhatsApp) and transparent. Within 3 weeks I found a new owner, I can recommend it to everyone! " - Harrald.
  • "Although I already had experience with buying cars through (foreign) online auctions, it was still exciting to have your own car up for auction. Exciting because you don't know how it works and you wonder if everything will go well. Fortunately the gentlemen of The Collectables took the time for a virtual introduction and the necessary explanation about the process. Great! Then all that remains is the fun tension, namely whether your minimum price will be achieved ... "The Maserati has been sold, even well above the requested sales price - Marinus - Maserati Coupe.
  • "In 2020 I sold my Ferrari F355 Spider through The Collectables and have experienced this process as very pleasant, as car enthusiasts among themselves. After the initial 'screening' of the car, the lot description and the arranging of the photos went on. very smoothly and in good consultation. My Collectable went live and within 2 weeks a new enthusiast was found for the red beauty. The unburdening process of the team of The Collectables saved me a lot of time: I didn't have to place any advertisements myself, no phone calls of interested people and not even arrange for viewings, let alone test drives. My car was sold unseen, probably because of the extensive photo reportage. In short, I can recommend it to everyone to also offer his or her Collectable through The Collectables and to help a new enthusiast! " - Herwin.
  • "Being able to auction our car reliably and easily through The Collectebles, highly recommended!" - Sander & Daan - Ferrari 360 Modena.
  • “As a collector and lover of special cars and Alpina in particular, I want that if I want to say goodbye to a car, that it ends up with a new owner with the same passion. offered for sale a very special Alpina. Of course you hope for a higher price (the sale price was above the agreed minimum), but the Alpina ended up with a real enthusiast, with whom I am still in contact. want to sell something special again, I will certainly do this through The Collectables." - Frans.
  • "After my good experiences as a buyer on The Collectables, it was time to sell a car that was over. It was my first love for BMW, which I had always taken good care of. The easiest way would have been to take it to a dealer. , but I couldn't get it over my heart. First getting a price that was way too low for your passion and then seeing it online with a good margin. I couldn't. Sell yourself online? Maybe a higher price if you have a lot of patience However, how long will that take and how many phone calls and test pilots will I have to go through?

    After a good conversation with The Collectables, in which they gave me a clear insight into the market for my car and the process, I quickly made the decision. Subsequently, The Collectables took everything off my hands. The texts were drawn up in consultation. The best thing about the whole process was the photo shoot. At first I had already taken pictures myself, but I was not as enthusiastic about the pictures as I was about the car in real life. Fortunately, this was only due to my own photography skills (or rather: the lack of them) because the photographer who advised The Collectables has perfectly captured the emotion I felt with my car on film.

    And then the moment that your car enters the platform is very close. And after two weeks you will know whether the "reserve" you entered has been reached and the car has been sold. In my case, this (reaching the 'reserve') was already the case well before the end of the auction. But I thought it was just as important that "my" car went to a new enthusiast. It really made me feel good to see another fan get away with it. And everything within 4 weeks. It doesn't get much easier. "- Paul - BMW 328 Ci.


  • Selling your special car. It's not easy. First place an ad and then get responses that are not serious or are only partly serious. Then, when people finally show up, after I don't know how long a wait, they are often people who are still difficult, pinging or want to trade in a car.
    I didn't feel like doing that when selling my 2020 MINI John Cooper Works 2.0. Through a YouTube video, I discovered The Collectables. I googled, found and registered my car. From then on, things ran like clockwork.
    Yes, my car could be auctioned off. The MINI was special enough. It was carefully checked that the car was indeed as good and tidy as I had promised.
    And then the auction itself. Exciting. Will it succeed or not? But The Collectables (in the person of Lars Willemsen) does not leave you to your fate. In the end, the MINI JCW sold for a good price. A good price for me and for the new owner. Moreover: that new owner is an enthusiastic owner, someone who is thrilled with it. Not a dealer and that gives a good feeling.
    Handling at home was excellent (payment and transfer), thanks in part to remote assistance beforehand from The Collectables. And how long did it all take? Just a few weeks, including the auction.
    I can highly recommend The Collectables to anyone who wants or needs to get rid of a special car. And it leaves you with great contacts too!

Feedback from buyers

  • 4 days before the close of the auction, we decided to start bidding on the Ferrari 360 Modena. Because it is a car that you do not buy every day, we contacted The Collectables with the question whether it was possible to view the car. Monday morning we immediately received an email from The Collectables that they would contact the selling party.

    The selling party had no problems viewing the car at the location. Since the auction ended the next day, we got into the car on Tuesday morning and made a road trip to Roosendaal. The Ferrari was in excellent condition and when we got home at 7:00 PM we immediately turned on the computer and started bidding. And… won the auction!

    The Ferrari was at (exclusive car dealer preferes to stay anonymous) and 2 weeks after the winning bid we picked up the car. The delivery was arranged perfectly, it gave us a very special feeling. What also added to the special feeling was that the owner of The Collectables had traveled to Roosendaal for our delivery. The gentlemen from The collectables have helped us well before, during and after the auction and we are still in touch every now and then! We have agreed that as soon as everything is allowed again, a My Car movie will be posted on Autoblog.

    In our opinion, a must! - Team Northern Events
  • "What immediately stood out was the presentation of the Alpina B3S. Everything was documented down to the last detail with tight photos, a nice video and a nice description. Despite the fact that The Collectables was a new platform for me at the time, that gave me immediate confidence. you ask yourself the logical questions, but actually you already know it. I want it, but for what price?

    When on the night of the auction your price starts to get close to your limit, it gets exciting. Your limit has actually just been exceeded, but you allow yourself a little extra. The auction is closing and it is a really good price, but you do not know immediately whether the minimum amount has been reached. The redeeming email and phone call from The Collectables saying that I had won resulted in pure euphoria.

    And then you have won and you can pick up your "new" Alpina from an enthusiast, accompanied by someone from The Collectables. Someone who has so much passion for special cars. That was very personal and it gives a nice feeling when you know who took care of your new car love. In short, it was a pleasant process and that is exactly why I also offered my own car through The Collectables afterwards. And sold. ”- Paul
  • 'Have been buying cars at auctions before, but this was such a cool experience! Meeting the owner in Holland, the car was even better than expected. And driving it back to Denmark (970 km), meeting Joris half way for a nice wam Collectables jacket. What an adventure!' - Morten - Ultima V10
  • "In terms of The Collectables experience.. I’m not sure what you’d like me to say, but it was a fantastic experience. About as seamless and smooth as I could have possibly imagined. From the very first interaction, all of the feedback and info you gave me on the car. The bidding process was incredibly easy… and then from winning, the negotiations, the paperwork, transactions and the help you gave me in arranging the shipping to Dubai, I could not be more happy with the process and could not thank you enough. I’d recommend you to anyone, and would happily use you guys again, you’re doing an incredible job." - Dom - Lotus Exige S1