The Collectables score

Collectable or not?

Collectables are emotions. Fun. Memories. Smiles per mile and preferably also per euro. Our The Collectables score on a scale of 1 to 10 is as follows:

A unicorn. A one and only. Twisted necks guaranteed. A car to use from-A-to-A, but only when the weather is nice and ideally the roads are not too crowded. When not being used, just park it in your living room, stare at it as it is a piece of art and consider yourself a lucky person as the owner of this extraordinary Collectable. The McLaren F1 is an example. The Ferrari F40 and Porsche Carrera GT as well. And Gordon Murray’s GPA T.50 too, even before it hits the roads.

The Collectable as a real fun-car, for those special and memorable trips, possibly only a few times each year. Properly used how it was intended by the manufacturer. Forgetting the daily grind, solely for driving sake. Preferably in the sunshine. A typical from-A-to-A car. With complimentary admirable looks of fellow road users. Think about a BMW Z1. The Porsche 918 Spyder. A Lamborghini Diablo. 

The Collectable that you use in the weekend for that special route, with a big smile on your face. This could also be an appropriate holiday-car, which makes every kilometre en-route to your destination a memorable part of the journey. Think about a Porsche 964 Turbo or a BMW M5 Touring.

The Collectable that is a perfect daily driver, but you prefer to have as a second car. This is the toy that spices up your life. We are thinking about a BMW E36 M3, VW Golf GTI Mk2 or a Porsche 911 (996). 

The Collectable that you want to use every single day and run it until the end of its long life, appreciating that it deals with everything you throw at it. Think about a Volvo 850 T-5R, but also a Renault Clio Williams. In original condition, obviously. Fellow petrolheads will thank you, because you are brightening up the traffic on the roads.

5 - 1
You will not find car with these scores on our platform. Simply, because we do not deem them Collectable. They are probably just old. Or messed with, lost their originality. Just not special enough.