Why sell using The Collectables?

Our unique selling points clarified.

No fees. Selling with us is free, we only ask a smaal contribution for the marketing. This means that you will receive the full amount of the highest bid. The buyer is paying a small commission on top.

Time. Selling a car takes a lot of time and energy. We take this out of your hands as much as possible.

Transparancy. You have full visibility in the bids on your Collectable.

Fair price. Together, we determine the minimum sales price (the ‘reserve’). The auction mechanism and the combination of supply and demand will take care of the rest.

No nonsense. Unnecessary test drives? Discussions at your doorstep? Last minute price reduction requests? Trade-ins or “I first need to sell my own car”? No such thing. 

Fast. Sell your car within 2 weeks. In comparison, it normally takes 30 days to sell the most popular cars like a standard VW Golf and roughly 6 months for cars categorized as ‘sports’ or 'exclusive' (source: Dutch National Occasion Research 2019).

Safe. Your Collectable stays with you during the auction process, at the location that you prefer and trust the most.

Audience. Thanks to our unique content and reach, your car is positioned in the right target audience. Selling cars in an auction is a proven and rapidly growing method. We will also list your car on websites like Classic Driver, Classic Trader, Elferspot, AutoScout24 and Autotrader to ensure petrolheads looking for your type of car will also find yours.

Surrounded by Collectables. Your car is surrounded by other Collectables and therefore attracts the right audience of enthusiasts. Enthusiasts who probably did not even know beforehand that they would be interested in your car.

Personal. We are a small and dedicated team of petrolheads with a long track record at both sides of the counter. Buyers as well as seller, both private and as professionals. Call us or send us an email and we will do everything we can to support you.