About The Collectables

Who are we?

The Collectables is the independent Dutch online auction house for and by car enthusiasts. An ongoing offer of cars you don't need but do want. From a Peugeot 205 GTI to a Ferrari F40. 

Supply and demand are brought together by means of an auction, resulting in market-based prices.

Our mission: to facilitate the buying and selling of Collectables in a transparent and reliable manner. For owners of Collectables, this should become the chosen way to sell a car completely in a completely carefree manner, with a clear deadline and without costs or risk. For enthusiasts looking for a Collectable, we avoid unpleasant surprises by a strict pre-selection, a clear presentation and straightforward conditions. 

Joris Roozen
Used to draw wheels on his sisters’ dolls as a kid. Joris visited classic car auctions all over the world and purchased cars in Austria, Japan and many other countries. He sold his own company specialized in high-end automotive events in 2018 after 17 years of travelling the world in the F1 circus. Common thread in his career are hospitality, tailor-made and overachieving on clients’ expectations. Most recently Joris worked as a Director for Pon Luxury Cars (Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini & Bugatti). He felt he missed the entrepreneurship and set out to change the way in which petrolheads buy and sell Collectable cars. Click here for the interview (from 24:02 - albeit in Dutch) with Business News Radio (BNR) about The Collectables.

Tom Verkooijen
Has more than 2 decades of experience implementing improvements at companies around the world, currently as Partner of an international consulting firm. His innate love of cars translates into a (too) large but mostly very diverse collection of cars, used as often as possible. As a buyer of many dozens of cars over the past few years, Tom has observed on the other side of the counter how these sales transactions can be done better, more pleasant but also more financially attractive. He implements this at The Collectables, so car enthusiasts can focus on the pleasures rather than the burdens.

Hylke Oosterhof
Enjoys anything that goes fast, including cars. Has made hospitality and organising events his second nature. That's why, while studying Media & Entertainment Mgt, he worked as a director of operations at Hippie Fish, a leading beach club in Zandvoort where pampering guests plays an important role. If you've called The Collectables before, you've probably had him on the phone to help smoothen the process of selling your Collectable, or supporting you in your purchase.