Why buy through us?

Advantages of The Collectables

The Collectables is the online auction house for & by car enthusiasts where you can find cars you don't need, but still want. This offers buyers the following benefits: 

Strict pre-selection. We only offer special, unusual cars. Cars you don't need, but still want. Ranging from a Peugeot 205 GTI to a Ferrari. We also apply a pre-selection. Honest cars with a documented history and in original condition. Quality is more important than quantity. 

Presentation. The Collectables are presented in a detailed and transparent way. With an average of 150 photos, an honest description and optionally a video.    

Convenience. Everything from your lazy chair, easy bidding, if requested a private viewing and always supported by our team.  

Personal. A boutique online auction house in the upper segment. We support you with a small, committed team. Any questions? We are here for you. 

Extensive experience. Both as a buyer and as a seller. So we know how to support both sides of the desk as best we can as an intermediary. 

Viewing & inspection. Do you want to see the car or have it inspected before you place a bid? No problem, all sellers have consented in advance. That is also the reason why we run the auction for at least a week, including a weekend. This gives you enough time to schedule an appointment. 

Price. You decide what you bid and as a result of the auction mechanism, the price will be in line with the market. In almost all cases this will be less than what a comparable Collectable costs at a dealer, specialist or trader. Moreover, The Collectables is an online platform, so we can keep our costs and thus your commission low. These fees are visible during the bidding, you will always know exactly what you pay.

Transparent. You see exactly what is being bid on a car, but we also show the history, traces of use and any flaws. Everything to avoid disappointment afterwards. 

See also the reviews from car enthusiasts who preceded you you. Or go directly to the active auctions.