What is a Collectable?

Old? Limited edition?

A Collectable is a car that you do not need, but do want to own. Even though you might realize that there are cheaper, better, more practical and more reliable alternatives.

A Collectable is bought with your heart, not (just) your head. Emotion vs. ratio. You buy a Collectable because you simply want to have it. Drive it. Look at it. Because it is different, sounds or drives amazing, possesses unique features or a crazy (and not always understood) design.

The most spectacular engine specification, the weirdest spoiler; we can go on for ages. It doesn't have to be an old car. It is the one that when you see it, you point at it and recollect that special memory with twith fellow petrolheads.

Extreme fun per euro or simply exclusive, it doesn't matter. From a Peugeot 205 GTI to Ferrari F40. But only in original condition and with a sound history.

New cars can be Collectable too. They just are not as easy to find…