How do I sell my car?

Everything you need to know

You want to sell your special car but are not convinced it qualifies as a Collectable? Drop us a message here and we will get back to you within 24 hours. When we jointly agree that our platform is a suitable method to present your Collectable, we will take the next steps.

The seller pays a small contribution for the marketing. Only the buyer (with the highest and winning bid) pays a small commission.

Information form
We will ask you to provide as much relevant information about your Collectables as possible. This enables us to draft a tailored and honest description. The form can be completed online in approximately 30 minutes.

Minimum sales price (the ‘reserve’)
Together we will set the minimum sales price or ‘reserve’. As the owner and petrolhead you will surely have a perception of the value of your Collectable. We would recommend you to not solely base this reserve on the asking prices of comparable cars though.

In order to provide potential buyers with a full and honest image of your Collectable, we will request you to take a large number of photographs. We will provide you with a manual, which will accumulate into approximately 150 photographs. You can take these with any decent (mobile phone) camera or get it done by a professional photographer. We have suitable freelance photographs in our network who can take care of the photography. The costs are between 200 EUR and 300 EUR including VAT. Short videos (cold start, drive-by, etc.) are also recommended.

Speaking of videos, we can arrange a video review with or, 2 of the largest Dutch automotive websites. This ensures that your Collectable will get lots of attention and tens of thousands of views within the target audience of potential buyer. Send us a message or give us a call if you want more specific information.

Auction agreement
We will request you to (digitally) sign our standard auction agreement, so that the roles and responsibilities between both parties are crystal clear. No surprises.

With the paperwork out of the way, we will jointly determine the start date of the auction for your Collectable. The auction period lasts (at most) 2 weeks. We will ensure that at least 1 weekend is included in the auction period. This enables potential bidders to come over and view the car.

They can also ask us questions via mail/phone or post comments on the forum featuring your Collectable. When we are able to, we will answer these questions. In some cases prospective buyers have questions only you can answer. This means that we kindly request you to keep an eye on your auction, so that answers can be given swiftly.

External listings of your Collectable
We will also list your Collectable on Autoscout and AutoTrader to further increase the reached audience. In most cases we will also use social media (Facebook and Instagram) to get your Collectable the attention it deserves.
During the auction process, your Collectable remains your possession. Kept where you always keep it. In that case, there is zero risk for you. We do kindly ask you not to drive more than 100 km with your Collectable in this period in order to avoid any (additional) damages to the car.

Viewings and inspections
In sporadic cases, a potential buyer prefers to view the car in person or carry out an independent check or inspection by an external party. Such events will be prearranged with the seller and, where possible, accompanied by The Collectables. The seller, prior to listing the car, declares to approval any kind of professional check to be carried out, obviously payable by the potential buyer.

Alternatively, we can arrange a video-call to show all the ins and outs of the car to the potential buyer.

Sold! Now what?
The highest bidder wins the auction, in case the minimum sales price has been reached. In case this has not happened, we will mediate between the seller and the highest bidder and try to obtain a sales agreement in the week following the auction ending.

After the buyer has paid the commission, we will connect the buyer and seller, so that they can finalize the transaction (financials, administration and logistics) in the most fun, swift and safe manner.

At all times, The Collectables team is available to support or to answer your questions.