Quiet before the storm...

The Collectables finds new owner with Mark Wegh (Porsche Centre Gelderland) 

After more than two years of hard work, The Collectables is entering a new phase. What started as a 'Proof of Concept' developed into a successful platform within two years, with over EUR 6 million worth of Collectables changing hands. Ranging from Alfa Romeo 4C to BMW Z8 and from Porsche 964 Turbo to a unique VW T1 Electric that left for Sweden.

From the Press Release:

Platform for enthusiast cars continues to expand

23 May 2023 - The Collectables, the enthusiast automotive platform has been acquired by Mark Wegh. With the acquisition, The Collectables enters a new phase, where there is room to further expand the platform. Joris Roozen launched the platform over two years ago and remains involved in the background.
During the time The Collectables has been operating, the platform has become a household name in the world of car enthusiasts. Dozens of exclusive and enthusiast cars found a new owner through the auction site. The Collectables stands out for its focus on quality, with a strict pre-selection and an attractive, but above all honest presentation. An average of 150 photos per car, including service and maintenance history.

New phase
Joris Roozen quit his job as director of PON Luxury Cars Rotterdam three years ago to fully focus on building the platform. "Since its launch, The Collectables has offered a service that proved to attract a lot of interest. Such platforms for enthusiast cars already existed in almost all countries around us, except for the Netherlands. That it is possible to buy- or sell a collectable online, unseen, with satisfied enthusiasts as a result has been amply proven. Now, after almost three years of pioneering, it is time for a new phase," says Joris Roozen. "Mark Wegh, with his vision, the drive to always want to do things just that little bit better and his enormous network, is the perfect strategic partner."

Mark Wegh, owner of Porsche Centrum Gelderland and Porsche Classic Centre Gelderland, among others, is delighted with the acquisition. "It's a great addition to our existing business. The Collectables is a platform for true enthusiasts and therefore fits in seamlessly with what we already do. I am incredibly looking forward to putting my enthusiasm and experience to use. The Collectables will remain independent and will continue to focus on all enthusiast brands, so certainly not only Porsche."

The platform will reopen soon, so do you have a Collectable that deserves a new enthusiast? https://thecollectables.nl/list-your-car